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As you can see, the people are thinning out around here. But still, it's really crowded. There was a spot in the direction that I'm looking in the picture that was exceptionally crowded. It took Yingzi and I about 20 minutes to make it through a 30 foot section. People were actually climbing over the wall and jumping down to the ground or climbing the wall and jumping down in front of people (cutting in line) to avoid the bottle-neck. People were traveling through a small walkway about the size of me. But people were trying to squeeze through from both directions at the same time. When I finally went through, I had to almost get down on my hands and knees and I was still squashing people into the walls to the sides of me. Many people were very upset but when they saw me squeezing through, they started laughing. It was unbelievable. Even the Chinese people were getting frustrated at the number of people!