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Akaka Falls, Hawai'i (The Big Island)

The water plunges 442 feet over a sheer, volcanic cliff. There is no general access to the pool of water below the falls as the cliff walls are too steep. If you really wanted to get down there, you'd have to do so on repel and the rangers would probably arrest you afterwards.

This park’s ancient legend bears a decidedly modern ring: It says that the god Akaka, fleeing across the canyon after his wife returned home unexpectedly and discovered his infidelity, slipped and fell off 442-foot Akaka Falls. The self-guided paved path, approx .3 miles long, that we were hiking leads visitors through a lush jungle ablaze with colorful and fragrant blossoms to viewpoints over Akaka Falls, the 100-foot cascading Kahuna Falls, and several other smaller falls that have no names. It's free and only 20 miles outside of Hilo... a must see if you are visiting the Big Island.