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Yingzi and I are now in the woods just behind the beach previously pictured. While we were down there, we saw this donkey and Yingzi, being an animal lover, decided to go over and give it some love. Most likely, the donkey belongs to one of the farmers that inhabit this valley. Only the native Hawaiians are allowed to live in this valley and the ones that do live here farm many of the traditional Hawaiian crops. You MUST have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to drive down into this valley. A car won't make it back out. The hill down into the valley has a 25% grade and is usually wet and mossy. Plus, the roads in the valley are dirt with huge mud holes and river crossings... just trust me... you'll be stuck down here if you have a car. The catch is, if you have rented a 4-wheel drive, the rental company won't allow you to drive down into this valley. Knowing that, I decided not to ask.