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Pictures of my House
(Please keep in mind that I just moved in and I'm still unpacking)

533.JPG (193741 bytes)
The front of the house from the street.
532.JPG (189342 bytes)
Driveway shot.

530.JPG (174253 bytes)
Parking area shot.
535.JPG (197863 bytes)
Another shot of the parking area.
511.JPG (87738 bytes)
Living area with huge windows over looking the front yard and a park.

512.JPG (90881 bytes)
Dining area and kitchen area.  By the way, the walls won't stay yellow.  I'm repainting a tan color.
513.JPG (96413 bytes)
From living area across dining area into computer area.

536.JPG (162547 bytes)
View from living area into front yard and across the street to the park.

515.JPG (65659 bytes)
Room for rent from the hall.
516.JPG (73203 bytes)
Bathroom entrance and windows.
517.JPG (77633 bytes)
From bathroom.

518.JPG (83558 bytes)
Close-up of private .5 bath.
519.JPG (61257 bytes)
Private .5 bath in room for rent.  The other door leads to the guest bedroom.
521.JPG (39562 bytes)
Walk-in closet in room for rent.

522.JPG (54187 bytes)
Entrance door on room for rent with location of walk-in closet.

524.JPG (94873 bytes)
Shared bathroom with shower.

525.JPG (144800 bytes)
Deck in back yard.

526.JPG (208196 bytes)
Back yard with garden area.

527.JPG (220927 bytes)
Reflecting pond in garden area.
528.JPG (216919 bytes)

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