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Wilderness First Responders


First off, CONGRATULATIONS to you all and thank you for making that class such an enjoyable and memorable experience for me.  I hope we can all keep in touch.  For those who live out of town, if you're coming to Atlanta, HOLLA at me so we can hook up and have a beer.

Anyway, I'll put more up later as I have more time.  But here is the basic information I promised...  See Chris..

Name Contact Information
Reverend Patrick H. Patin

2700 Cumberland Pkwy
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA  30339
(404) 274-4381 (cell)
(770) 437-7246 (work)
Isabel Volcan
DeAna Robinson
Rachel Merritt
Mike Gowen
Lara Alm
Zach M'New
Jennifer Arnold
Chris Kolloff
Loraine Shearin
David Kaminer (777) 393-4434
Karon Bradley, R.N. (706) 865-9984 (Evenings)
Sharon Downing (706) 865-9099 (Most Times)