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Broken Top, Oregon

Broken Top

The ancient weathered cone of Broken Top juts to an elevation of 9,175 feet, and as it's name implies, the jagged crown of rock spires presents a broken appearance compared to its two closest younger neighbors South Sister and Mt. Bachelor.

The standard climbing route on Broken Top starts at the Sparks Lake trail head which follows tumbling Fall Creek four miles up to the high plain positioned between South Sister and Broken Top at 6,600 feet. From there you climb east to a saddle on the jagged northwest ridge. This splintered ridge line ascends over strange shattered volcanic rock to an elevation of 9,110 feet, where a 15 foot rock wall must be negotiated to reach two ascending ramps that lead to the stone pinnacle with a breath taking view of the Three Sisters which tower just a few miles away.

Broken Top in autumn