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Below are the Directions to Looking Glass (1253 bytes)

(From Atlanta)

Looking Glass Rock is located in
the Pisgah National Forest,
approximately 7 miles northwest of
Brevard, NC on Highway 276.

From Atlanta, Take I-85 North to Exit #21 (I think) in South Carolina (Hwy 178) 125 miles
Go North on Hwy 178 to Rosman, NC 32 miles
From Rosman, take Hwy 64 East to Brevard, NC 8 miles
Go to the East side of Brevard to the intersection of Hwy 64 and Hwy 276 3 miles
Take Hwy 276 North until you see a sign with directions to the federal fish hatchery 6 miles
Take a left to go to the fish hatchery on, you guessed it, fish hatchery road (USFS #475)and
continue on the road past where it turns to dirt. Do not turn into the fish hatchery. Once there,
take the right fork in the road which is USFS #475B and follow it North
1.3 miles
Follow 475B past the first parking area to the second parking area 3 miles
Park and take the trail East towards the Looking Glass Rock The trail meets the rock at the
base of Sundial.
.5 miles
That should do it. See the total miles to the right. Mileage are approximate. 178.8 miles