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The Firewater 50

The Firewater was in August of last year. However, we'll do it again this coming August.

There really are no organizers, it just happens. Last year was brutal, though.

We start from Windy Gap. Windy Gap is just East of Ellijay

near Bear Creek & Mountaintown creek, about 36 miles.

We ride it all the time.

If you want to ride it with us sometime let me know.

Start at Windy Gap parking lot,

at bottom of trail Climb to Milma trail,

go right Traverse Milma to Tibbs,

go UP!

At the top go left all the way to Mountaintown Creek

Descend Mountaintown Creek,

go right ascend Bear Creek Keep climbing past the overlook to the "T"

Go Left at the "T" to the Windy Gap Cycle Trail

Descend Windy Gap

Tada! You're done!

For more information you can contact:

Marvin Masson


Patrick Patin